Are you a Housing Association or Council tenant..?

Have you reached your Landlord about fixes that should be done and still haven't had your fixes finished?

As an occupant of any leased property from Housing Association or Council. You reserve the right to live in a sheltered and very much looked after home. Your landlord has a legitimate duty to complete fixes you have answered to them in an attractive and convenient way.

Given the possibility that you have complained about any of the repairs mentioned below that have not yet been completed, we could help you by ensuring that your landlord makes the repairs.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you if your contract is with a private landlord and not with housing association or council.


On the off chance that you have revealed any of these fixes to your landowner and they have not been finished in an auspicious way, you have the right to claim. We will guide you completely. We strictly follow 'No Win - No Fee'.

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How can we help?

We survey your property without charging any fees. First our team calculates how much the possibility of winning is without spending a penny.

Our team of specialists is committed and dedicated to the clients, we guarantee the best result and we provide support at every step throughout the claim process.

Each client will be provided with their own specialist in home repair who will take your case from the beginning to the end.

We will work on your behalf to make sure your landlord makes all repairs and collects any compensation due.

Who can I claim against?

As an occupant of any property you have certain rights. One of those is that your proprietor has a commitment to keep your home safe and in a sensible condition of fix. The Proprietor has further obligation to ensure that any damages reported should be fixed in a convenient way. In the event that they don't do the repairs in time manner you reserve the right to make a claim against your proprietor. Most recent reports proof that 525,000 social homes are at present being leased at inadequate living conditions. That is about 1 of every 7 of all social home crosswise over England. 244,000 of these homes are considered to have a class one safety hazard, the highest category of risk.

Housing Disrepair Claim

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