Leaks, Flooding and Water Damage in Your Rented Accommodation

When you move into a rented house, both you and your landlord will consent a tenancy agreement which states that the home will be kept up to a safe living standard by both sides involved. It is imperative that both parties should be adhering and follow this agreement.

Leaks in your rented home cannot create an unpleasant condition in your rented house, but it can also put both yours and your family's health in danger. Leaks, Flooding and Water Damage can make your home cold and unhygienic, and can cause penetrating dampness in your home too, which may cause different health problems for you and your family.

Infiltrating Dampness caused by Leaks

Infiltrating Dampness and Mould isn't just inconveniently and unattractive, yet it can genuinely affect yours, and your family's health being at risk. In most of the cases, penetrating Dampness is caused by various basic issues to the building foundation. This can include:

  • Cracked walls and ceiling
  • Spilling rooftop, guttering or external pipes
  • Split or broken drainage pipes
  • Spoiled woodwork, for instance; windows and doors.

In the cases above, where the Infiltrating Dampness and Mould in your home has been caused by basic issues, it is your landlord's duty to make the fixes, as they are legitimately expected to look after the maintenance of the outside and structural foundation of your home, for example, showers, toilets and pipework.

How Penetrating Dampness and Mould can affect your health

Living in a leaks, flooding and water damaged house, and in this manner frequently dampness, home can be harming to both you, and your family's health and safety, and can truly expand the danger of respiratory issues, like allergies, respiratory contaminations, and asthma. Manifestations of exposure to infiltrating dampness can include:

  • Standard influenza symptoms, for example, exorbitant sneezing and a runny nose
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Eyes infection
  • Painful and heavy coughs
  • Red and white watery eyes
  • Asthma attacks.

On the off chance that you experience a leak in the pipes in your rented house, or outside the house boundary, it is your landlord's duty to see to the fixes. You ought to inform your landlord when the hole is found, as a leak left unchecked, it can make critical harm to the building foundation of the house and even to the belongings inside it.

Your landlord should take care of everything for the fixes to the pipes spills, including any redecoration required if the leak caused harm any harm to the building. The main conditions in which paying for the repairs would not be the obligation of the landlord, is if the tenant made the harm to the pipes or pipework themselves. For this situation, the tenant could conceivably be responsible of covering the whole bill for the fix as well as restoration work.

Should Your Landlord Pay to Fix a Leak in the Ceiling?

There is presently no set period under UK law in which a proprietor needs to make the fixes that are expected to a property they let out. But they must do so in reasonable measure of time. For a fundamentally leaking roof, where it's conceivable that the water damage could make a portion of the roof collapse, or water could come into contact with electrical wiring, this ought to be treated as an urgent repair as it puts the health or security of the tenants in danger. For a ceiling leak that is minor, with no impending danger to the tenants, the landlord may take slightly longer time to fix the issue.

How Quickly does Your Landlord have to Repair a Leaking Shower?

On the off chance that you live in a rented property and notice that your shower is leaking, you ought to inform your landlord straight away. A spilling shower can cause impressive water damage to different pieces of the property if not repaired, so the sooner you report it, the better the result for everybody.

Your landowner is responsible of fixing a leaking shower, as a component of their more extensive legal commitments to their tenants. They don't have a particular timeframe in which they need to make the fixes, but as it is mentioned above, the prior the issue is settled, the less damage is done; in this way, most landlord’s will make shower spills and different leaks inside the home a need to fix.

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