Pests and Vermin Infestations in Rented Accommodation

If you are leasing a home, it is your landlord legitimate responsibility and is obliged to ensure that your house is kept up to a level that is protected and livable for your family to live in.

If pests, rats, mice or some other vermin are causing issues in your leased home, and the issue has been brought about by the state of the house or was there when you originally moved in, the law necessitates that your landlord ensures that measures are taken to manage the issue and any required fixes are made to your home.

Instances of vermin issues that are lawfully your landlord's responsibility include:

  • If gaps and holes in the property structure are not legitimately fixed and vermin can enter the home
  • If Dampness, and Mould makes the walls pervaded or infested with silverfish.

As a tenant you also have a commitment to keep the home spotless, clean and tenable – so if the issue was brought about by you or somebody in your family, for instance, on the off chance that you didn't evacuate junk or leftover food in an opportune way and your house is invading by cockroaches, you will have to deal with the Pests and Vermin issue yourself.

But on the other hand if you have reported any issues with respect to mice, rats or vermin infestations, and your landlord still has neglected to solve the issue, Disrepaired specialists might be able to claim against them on your behalf – for both fixes and compensation being referred to.

How living with Vermin Can Affect your health?

Living in a Pests and Vermin infestations affected home can be harming to both yours, and your family's, well being and prosperity. Mice and rats can add essentially danger of spreading disease by debasing food and food preparation surfaces. They can also bite through electrical wires inside walls and roof spaces, which can prompt a huge number of issues, including flames or electric shocks.

Is Your landlord not dealing with Vermin in your House?

If the Vermin and Pests infestations control issues you are having are caused by the state of the house, or have been there since you shifted in, your landlord is responsible and is obligated to ensure any repairs and compensation to manage the issue. This will include:

  • Fixing any gaps to the structure of the house which might allowing rats or mice to enter in the building
  • Fix any harm that has been brought about by the pests and vermin infestations, for example, harm to electrical wiring, and gaps in channels, gutters, walls or ceiling or mice may have bitten through.
  • At Disrepaired, our specialists trust that everybody has the right to live in a safe and infection free property, so we pay attention to landlord’s obligations.
  • If you are apprehensive or nervous about claiming against your landlord, it is necessary to understand that you don't need to suffer superfluously. To discover your rights as a tenant if your landlord isn't fixing any issues or issues with vermin and pests infestations, contact us today on 0116 326 0483 or
Should Your Landlord Pay for Pest Control?

The expense of managing a vermin infestation in a house, regardless of whether it's mice, rats, silverfish, blood suckers or something different, can be considerable in certain conditions. Whether the landlord or the occupant is at risk for these costs will rely upon when and how the infestation happened.

If the Pests and Vermin infestations were at that point present in the house when the tenancy started, the landlord should assume liability for any costs, which may incorporate rehousing the tenants while treatment is occurring, in most of the cases.

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